Sunday, June 15, 2008


Model: Theda
Hair & Make Up: Alexandra

I had another chance to work with Theda. I wanted to do a similar thing like last time because I felt it could have been better. Even as I was working last time, I was thinking I should have gone with a gold background. I wanted everything to fall in the same color scheme this time. I also wanted to add more make up and jewelry to make her look fancier.

It was interesting having a second go-around on this. I think we were generally all more relaxed. Unfortunately Theda wasn't feeling 100% but I have to say, she did stick in there as best as she could.

I got the vase right before the shoot at Savorama for $5.--,.... love those crappy stores in Harlem. I also got the fabric there, the guy who was helping me hardly spoke any English. There was a Latino lady there with her daughter. I would say the daughter was maybe 6 or 7 years old. She was cute. She was wearing this pretty dress, looked like she may have come from church or something. The cashier lady asked her how she was doing and the little girl turned and said, BAD, REALLY REALLY BAD! You gotta love kids.

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Dave Levingston said...

Oh Diana, you and Theda just totally nailed it this time. These are fantastic!