Friday, February 20, 2009


I was in Detroit a few weeks ago attending the "Dirty Show" (erotic art and burlesque show). I stayed in the same hotel as my friend DaveL and his entourage of figure models. The hotel cost me $29.00 a night.... I thought for sure it must be a really crappy place but it was nice and clean. Sometimes I forget that I live in one of the most expensive places in the world and that there are places where you aren't paying obscene prices for everything. Anyway, Dave was doing a shoot in the hotel room with the figure models and invited me to join in. First I was a bit hesitant but I thought it would be a good challenge spontaneously shooting in a small space with limited lighting and models who I've never met before. I have a hard time giving up any kind of control. I really wanted to remove that mirror but it was bolted to the wall,... now I kind of like it. The whole shoot turned out to be a lot of fun. Actually the whole weekend was fun, I enjoyed the company of the models. They all were easy going and had interesting life stories. I admire their openness and how comfortable they are with their bodies.

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Louie Monkey-Pest said...

t(o)(o)t t(o)(o)t !!! That is erotic! I gotta take a cold shower.