Monday, March 17, 2008


Model: Jacqueline
Hair & MakeUp: Alexandra

First off I need to say a big thank you to my co-worker Gareth. He let me borrow all his camera stuff. I've been having some real bad luck with my equipment and this shoot almost didn't happen as I was scrambling on Thursday to find someone who would let me borrow their beloved camera stuff. Let me tell you it wasn't easy and I almost gave up had it not been for Gareth. He was super supportive and even brought me his stuff on Sunday. So without him this whole thing would not have happened. Thank You!

I needed a break from Madame X and really wanted to shoot with someone new. Hence enter Jackie. She was awesome to work with. Very patient completely let me do whatever I wanted and followed direction amazingly well. Alex as always did an awesome job with hair and make up. Alex is not just talented but is simply a joy to have around.