Monday, April 26, 2010


Model: Kristen Drewski

It's been a while..... honestly I've been feeling completely uninspired. Plus I've been going through a "I hate photography phase".....

I finally after months had another shoot and only because it was a commission. Because I was in such a funk I almost didn't accept but now I'm glad I did because I had a good time. I loved how pale her actual skin was. If you're familiar with my work then you know how much I like pale skin. I asked her to look sad and she actually shed a tear! When I saw that I was so happy,..... is that wrong? :) She wanted a nightmare/dream/dark.... theme and well, this is what I came up with. As always I had no time to prepare and did everything the day of the shoot. It was a crazy morning spent looking for stuff I wanted to use, cutting out those damn stars and picking cloths for the outfit. I wonder if I'll ever give myself enough time to not have to do everything the day of the shoot. Lauren Weber did the make up and was her usual fantastic self.