Sunday, July 18, 2010

Forest Spirit

Model: Jane

Best weekend ever.... thanks to Jane (and Tony for a quick spontaneous meet up). It's been far too long since I last had a chance to work with Jane. I almost forgot how awesome she is (emphasis on almost). First of all I love that she always follows through on plans we make (no matter how complicated they are) and never complains about anything. I asked her on Friday if she'd meet up on Sunday. I warned her that I had no clue what we'd be doing. I was kind of stressing out because I had no ideas. All I knew was that I wanted to shoot very early in the morning, like 5 or 6am. First I asked Jane to come into the city and meet me there at 6am for a city shoot. Late Saturday afternoon, I suddenly got this odd feeling about the whole thing. For some reason my gut was telling it wasn't the right location. It suddenly hit me that I wanted to shoot in the forest. So Jane ended up coming over to my place at 9pm because we needed to figure out the outfit and make up.

We decided to get up at 3:15am to have enough time for getting ready and capture the morning light. I was totally exhausted (I was up the night before until 3am which I normally never do). We somehow managed to make the outfit out of underwear, ribbons and other stuff I had at home. We also decided to paint her whole body a bit white to make her stand out more against the forest.

Getting up at 3:15am was NOT easy. I was tired but it was nice hanging out with Jane. We took our time drinking coffee which was a mistake cause before we knew it, it was 5am. I kind of freaked since I desperately wanted to get there by 5:30am before the sun was up and people were out and about. It was a mad rush getting ready. I did end up forgetting a small part of the outfit, oh well. We got there and I was totally stressing because I didn't know what I was doing and what I wanted. As you may know I hardly ever shoot outdoors. The bug situation wasn't pretty, we were covered in bug spray.

After I relaxed I could tell we'd get some good shots. I liked how Jane was glowing against the background. The white body make up paid off. The pictures didn't do her justice though. She looked so pretty and elegant in person. I could almost imagine her dancing around. She reminded me of a forest spirit.