Monday, May 24, 2010


Model: Evenie

I did a shoot yesterday with one of my oldest friends from here in the US. It actually was a trade, Evenie is an amazing jewelry designer (on hiatus unfortunately, she now works for Tiffany's) so I traded the shoot for some original jewelry of hers which I adore. She wanted to do a shoot for her husband so unfortunately this was a closed door shoot and I won't be posting pics (besides the one above) since they are private and on the racy side :) ..... it's unfortunate though since she looked lovely in a lot of them and she has a killer body.

Evenie is literally one of the first persons I met when I came to the US. To be honest, when I first met her I wasn't sure what to think of her. I still remember how this little 5'1, crazy, Puerto Rican girl entered the room, laughing and greeting everybody. You must understand that I had just come over from Switzerland where people are far more reserved, especially in a situation where you don't know anybody. But I realized quickly this girl is a lot of fun. I'm sometimes amazed that we stayed friends over all these years (it's been 16 years) especially since we don't see each other very often. Somehow we still manage to stay close and whenever we do see or talk to each other it's like she's always been around. The thing I most value about her is how straight forward and honest she is. You always know what's going on with her. She will tell you what she is thinking or if she doesn't like something and she is consistent. Recently my friend Virginia used a quote about art that I felt you could also use to describe friendships: "True friendships survive the test of time"