Thursday, May 21, 2009

Princess Alexis

Model: Lexi Lolita
MU & Hair: Contessa Black

Big thank you to Rosalinda, who gave me some great advice and help (post).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Alexis - Preview

Lexi sent me a message a while back asking if I'd be interested in doing a shoot. We finally got together. I think she's interesting because she looks innocent yet so seductive at the same time. She has big eyes and super thick lips. She's done a fair amount of nude and even some fetish modeling.

I should file this shoot under another artist portrait since she is a full time painter. She paints mainly animal portraits. The set up was simple. The focus being mainly on her pretty body and face (what more do you need?). The color red was also a main part of the piece.

Challenges and outcome:

1. Lexis bleached hair ends (she has long dark brown hair but about 4 inches of her ends are bleached blond).
Solution: Buying "Bumble and Bumble" hair powder. We used brown for the bleached areas and then used a bit of black over everything to even out the overall hair tones.
2. Finding the right red fabric
I intended on using an orange-red color for the tones but was deceived by the indoor lighting of the fabric store (damn you fabric store with your cheap lights). Once I looked at it in daylight, it ended up being far more pinkish-red.
Solution: Using a gold reflective umbrella to bring just a bit more warmth into it. It didn't totally solve the problem but it did help.

3. Finding fabric that draped well
There were a lot of nice color options but most fabrics were too stiff or didn't reflect any light. I wanted something I wouldn't have to iron for hours (I have wrinkle OCD).
Solution: I can't remember the name of the fabric but it was cheap. It draped easily and had some texture to it. (The only problem was that it was two sided, the back was very different to the front so I was constantly trying to hide the back).

Lexi was great. She's totally comfortable with her body so it was super easy working with her. She's fun and silly. Best of all, she's patient. I enjoyed hanging out with her and would work with her again. Contessa was of course great as always with hair and make up!