Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Art Of Silence II

Model: Tamara
Make Up: Tamara
Hair: Tamara and Me
Wardrobe and styling: Me

Might be more to come...

The Art Of Silence II - Preview

Played around with some light cropping.
oh my, what lovely legs you have (but what about the face???!!!)

Oh my what lovely.... big, no huge, frizzy.... hair you have.....grrrrrrr

Oh my what lovely make up you're wearing.....

This is from my shoot I did with Tamara back in January. I wanted to do another shoot in the style from the last one. I can't say I have a set plan for this I'm just having fun. Right now I'm just shooting what I feel like without anything too specific. Tamara and I take a dance class together and we've been talking for a while about doing a burlesque inspired shoot. It was so fun. Not too much to say since the setup was pretty much the same as last time. Only tricky thing was getting a good pose in the small amount of "light" space. She really couldn't do any big poses without loosing a limb and I always had to be careful to avoid weird fore shorting in the sitting poses. I played around with a few "masked by the dark" poses. Was fun but didn't pay off quite as much as I thought it would. Tamara was great though, I like that she can really get into a character. She also did her own make up which I have to say, I thought turned out fabulous and reacted beautifully to the lighting. Thanks Tamara for a fun day!

I've been super busy with various things. For one I've been getting into collage and more mixed media projects. I'm trying to loosen up my style and collage and mixed media is a great way to let loose. Up until last week I was pretty good about doing some little project everyday this week not so much. Hoping to start again next week. I have some film shots to post too but haven't had the time to look through all the shots as there are a lot. So much to say, so much to do, so little time. But life is good!