Sunday, June 29, 2008


Model: Lisa
Hair & Make Up: Alexandra

Now that I've had a chance to shoot with quite a few people I've decided that I really love working with people I know. I enjoy working with someone who has never modeled before and is just willing to go for it. Personally I feel like I'd much rather work with someone who has never modeled before but is really into it then someone who knows what they are doing but are only there for the cash.

Blah, blah...... anyway, was fun working with Lisa. It wasn't an easy shoot because I really didn't plan much ahead.... I had no clue what we were gonna do. We played around for quite a bit until we hit something. I was happy that the dress I got fit her so well.

I'm giving up my studio in September.... so I'm trying to shoot as much as possible until then. I'd like to get sort of a series of these style portraits together before I'm done..... then I'll probably take a break from photography for a while.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's been a while

.... since I've last shot little Ella Bella. I finally had time to go through some of my b&w shots and found some I liked. It's sort of refreshing looking at these. I've been shooting so much "digital" where I go for very specific things and everything is so controlled that I sometimes forget the beauty in simplicity. This makes me want to shoot more film again. These were all shot with my TLR camera. I love that camera, I like the weight, the sound.... the uncertainty of the outcome.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Model: Adya
Hair & Make Up: Contessa Black

I had a blast on Sunday. I worked with two people who I had never met before which always makes me a tad nervous. As it turned out I had nothing to be nervous about. Both Adya and Contessa were extremely easy to work with and we had so much fun playing with the slime. I chose Adya because she has an interesting face. She's 18 but clearly looks much younger. Despite her age, she was one of the best models I had ever worked with. She really got into character and wasn't afraid to exaggerate expressions and poses.

I created the slime Saturday evening, Adam helped me. It is a wonderful recipe which my friend Robert Morris had passed on to me a while back. Supposedly it doesn't dye your skin should you choose to add color...... uhm, an hour later Adam and I were staring at our bright red lobster hands... yeah apparently red dyed slime does dye your skin. Lol. Anyway, besides the skin discoloration the red didn't look good, I didn't like it (anybody want 4 gallons of red slime?). We ended up making another batch. I was a tad worried because I had no clue if Adya was gonna be up for being covered in slime, as it turned out she was delighted.