Sunday, June 29, 2008


Model: Lisa
Hair & Make Up: Alexandra

Now that I've had a chance to shoot with quite a few people I've decided that I really love working with people I know. I enjoy working with someone who has never modeled before and is just willing to go for it. Personally I feel like I'd much rather work with someone who has never modeled before but is really into it then someone who knows what they are doing but are only there for the cash.

Blah, blah...... anyway, was fun working with Lisa. It wasn't an easy shoot because I really didn't plan much ahead.... I had no clue what we were gonna do. We played around for quite a bit until we hit something. I was happy that the dress I got fit her so well.

I'm giving up my studio in September.... so I'm trying to shoot as much as possible until then. I'd like to get sort of a series of these style portraits together before I'm done..... then I'll probably take a break from photography for a while.


Dave Levingston said...

Just maybe you are doing photography because you are extremely talented at it and when you take photos you create objects of beauty that enrich the world. But I'm pretty confident that your talents extend far beyond this medium and that you will be creating beauty no matter how you go about it.

Nikki said...

Gorgeous Lisa! Top one is my fav. I love the look that she is giving. Perfect colors for her skin Didi. And as far as taking a break from photography...I hope that you won't. Every time I over hear that you have a shoot for that weekend I can't wait to see what you have on Monday. You are insanely talented. Dave was right- your photography does enrich the world at the very least.

jane jane said...

Amen Dave! Please don't stop doing photography!!! I check your blog every monday because I am excited to see if you did anything over the weekend! You can't take that away!!

Tony said...

L'arbore di Diana - (the tree of diana) that's what comes to mind when i reflect on your work... how it has grown into something of perennial beauty

Tony said...
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