Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ms. Jenga

Model: Jenga
Hair & Make Up: Alexandra

I'm home sick today so I finally had a chance to post these images. This is Jenga. She's quite an interesting person. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and destroyed the house she had just recently purchased, Jenga decided to leave here secure job at Blue Sky Studios to return to her home and rebuild what was left of it. I have a lot of respect for Jenga, leaving a good job to return to basically nothing, is no easy task. She told me that she felt she was destined to do more and felt she could do more good in New Orleans then she ever could in NY. Clearly she was right. You should check out her blog:, she documented her life back in New Orleans.

When Jenga first approached me about doing a shoot I was delighted. She's a beautiful women. I was a tad nervous about her height. I know, most people love working with tall women but I'm used to working with women who are short. 4'9" - 5'5" is the norm. Jenga is almost 6' tall. I was worried my backgrounds wouldn't give me enough space... blah, blah. As for the look, for some reason I wanted to stick her in a fur coat... when I told Jenga, her face dropped.... I forgot to mention she's not just a vegan, she also lives on a raw diet, yeah pretty hardcore. After thinking about it she did actually agree (for arts sake). Although to me it would have been amusing representing her in that way (far from her morals and blieves), I felt that maybe I was pushing her too hard. So then I decided to go more with the way she is, or the way I see her. I chose colors that I thought would look nice with her skin tones. Alex and I spent a long time getting the look of the hair. I had bought all kinds of props to stick in her hair but in the end we only settled on three things.

Although I like the look of the images, I think I did a bit of a lousy job. I overlooked several things that I should not have. It's the photographers job to catch the little nuances and imperfections. I missed quite a few on this one (like I should have had her change the bottom hand in that last shot). But it's also hard when you work with someone new for the first time.

Thank you to Alex for hair and make up and big thank you to Tony who spent his lunch hour shopping for an appropriet backdrop with me.