Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bah Bah White Sheep


Model: Jane
Make Up: Lauren Weber

I just had fun with this one. It's silly and bizarre and that's what I wanted. I'm always amazed at how different I get Jane to look (with the help of Lauren). She seems to transform in front of the camera. This pose seemed to work the best with the setup and feel. We tried a few others but always went back to this so I didn't get a big variety of shots. I do have some others I may post later though. The wig by the way looked exactly like the pink clown wig I posted below. I painted, cut and groomed it into place, then added the purple ribbon to match the dress and background. The main thing was working with the colors I had in mind. I love working with color.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bah-Bah White Sheep Preview


Lauren doing her thing.

I've gotta get a better title.... haha...I finally got around to planning this shoot. I've had this visual in my head all summer long but just couldn't get all the details worked out. I always had this feeling that something was missing. I finally decided that it might never happen if I don't just set a date. Once I had the date set and got Jane and Lauren on board with my crazy plans it all came together. I got the hay from Moroni at work. He was awesome, didn't even ask any questions, just hauled in the hay to work. The hay was far more matte and green then I remembered hay being so I knew I was going to have to do something with it. I decided that spray painting it gold could be interesting and would be right with the overall color scheme. I figure it might not actually read as gold but the highlights would read and it would even out the weird color. Also had some funky ideas for the hair. As always it was a mad rush to get all the stuff together for the shoot. I got the props and set pieces before hand but only had one night to set it all up. I stayed up late and got up early to get the background setup and ironed, the hay spread out and spray painted and the hair prepared. I was exhausted and had a hard time focusing but I think it came out alright. Jane was a good sport as always and Lauren just gets me, which is awesome. Love working with these two ladies.