Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ms. Jane

Model: Jane
Hair & Make Up: Contessa Black

Jane is always great to work with because she has such an interesting look. In addition I enjoy how different she looks once you play with her hair and add some make up. I think we all had a great time with this one. I got those weirdo bunnies at the store "Tuesday Morning". It's basically a junk yard (sorry Tuesday). It really is a mess, stuff everywhere. But you can find really bizarre stuff and it's cheap. The dress I got a while back at Daffy's. I knew I would eventually find a good shoot for this dress and it was worth hanging on to. The little white jacket thingy I got at our awesome Blue Sky clothing exchange. I work with some classy ladies.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dancing On Top Of The World

Model: Cassandra

I love to dance, I love watching others dance,........ did I mention how much I love dance? I had a chance to take some pictures of Cassandra in action. We shot those on the roof of my studio last week. It was like a hundred degrees out, I felt kind of bad for Cassandra who was dancing her heart out in the sweltering sun. Besides the hot sun she also had to deal with shattered glass (I tried sweeping it away as much as I could before she started) and an uneven bumpy floor. After she was done we looked at her point shoes which had gone from pink to black from the dirty floor. I guess ballerinas are better off inside. :)

The dress as always was mine and I was happy to see it fit her well, the only problem was the low cut. She was worried that her boobs would pop out while she was dancing. I had not thought of that and didn't really have any good solution so we had to pick one of her leotards. She had that blue one which at first I thought was not going to work but then seeing it against the sky color.... lovely.

We had a blast, Cassandra is a lot of fun.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lovely Cassandra

Model: Cassandra
Hair & Make Up: Contessa Black

I got another chance to work with Cassandra. It's been a year since our last shoot and she has always been one of my favorite models. Besides being a pretty girl, I just love her spirit and enthusiasm. She's a dancer and so it makes my work easy as she doesn't need that much instructions. I also got to work with Contessa again. I mainly chose to work with her because the make up job was going to be so similar to Adyas. Cassandra and I started working at 10am and didn't finish until 6pm (we did two shoots). We were both spent.

The only really depressing thing is that there appears to be something wrong with my camera. I had the hardest time focusing during the shoot and unfortunately my fears were confirmed. Most pictures were out of focus. Very depressing as there were some really nice shots that I won't be able to use.....