Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Rocken Family

This is actually not a posed picture they just happen to all be aligned that way. Looks kinda like a music album cover doesn't it? Clearly my mom is the lead singer. LOL (This was taken in Simi Valley, CA).

It's been far too long but work has been kicking my butt plus I've been trying to wrap my head around what I want to do next. The new exciting news is that I have my next solo show lined up! The Spirit Gallery in Connecticut has graciously invited me to show my work there in August. It's a nice space and it's quite a bit bigger then the last place which means I have to get my shit together and create more stuff. So my next shoot is booked for January and I'm hoping to do another in February. This time I'm doing a bit more of a series. Should be interesting and I'm excited to get started. I also need to finish editing my last shoot (sheep) so I'll be busy in the coming months. Hope you guys are doing well,.... whoever you are :)