Monday, April 28, 2008

slave girl

Model: Theda
Hair&Make Up: Alexandra

Saturday I had a chance to hang out with my friend... and at this point to some degree mentor, Dave Levingston. He's a wonderful photographer and I like hearing what he has to say.... oh and he doesn't seem to mind listening to me complain about the social behavior of modern society..... hahaha. He was in town documenting a dance performance which I had a chance to see Saturday evening (it by the way was fantastic). I was watching Dave work in the afternoon and the thing that stood out the most to me was at what speed Dave worked. I mean he walked in, took a few shots and walked out satisfied about 20 minutes later... I'm pretty sure it would have taken me an hour to take those portraits. Dave was kind enough to point out that he had a background in photojournalism where you of course are forced to work fast. We also stopped by the Met, I wanted to check out the classical Greek and Roman sculptures since that was my inspiration for Sundays shoot. It was perfect, it was exactly what I needed to get into the right mindset for Sunday.

Sunday, I had the shoot with Theda who is a figure model. It was interesting working with someone who does this for a living. The difference was obvious, she was very quick to find poses and always got my directions right away. It was fun but I was also a bit stressed because I was under time pressure.... sigh... yeah, I need to work faster.