Monday, June 11, 2007

Harlem Energy

Some amazing dancers hanging out in Harlem. Notice that they are not dancing on any flooring, this is hard concrete. They were not dancing for money, they were just hanging out in a school yard dancing and having fun.


Saigonradio said...

Nice pics. Yeah i could imagine how cool it would look in real life. Yeah I hate when people ask for money. Dancing is supposed to be out of love, not hounding people for money, and on top of that being so aggressive. You can't call yourself a bboy if you do that.

Diana said...

Well I actually don't mind when street dancers ask for cash after a performance. I mean why not! It's a great way to earn some money. The nice thing about watching people dance for fun is it isn't rehearsed. It's like playing. They become more inventive and creative because there's no pressure to do well. It's more natural there isn't this staged feeling or overacting going on.

Virginia said...

I agree sometimes is not fear for them,when them finish a performance people disappear as soon as possible,some cash will be nice.

I like the energy too