Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lady In Yellow

Model: The lovely Nikki


Virgy said...

Nikki beautiful gestures :),your absolutely a great model!!!! 10/10

Diana love the composition and style was very clever use the contrast of colors and the different background ( the doors style)
The photo with the red door: the blue lines of the graffiti,the red door,the light over Nikki( interesting touch) and of course Nikki jus made it perfect.

The other photo love too,love Nikki gesture is subtle and the style of the photo :).

Keep them coming!!

Virgy said...

that was a long comment :P.Happy week!!!

Tony Jung said...

These are some of the best work i've seen from you Di! composition is very well done... draws the eyes to the model and the use of color is so playfull with contrast... and nikki is just so beautiful and fragile in these pictures. bravo di and nikk!