Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Madame Jane

Image 2 of the on going Madame X series. I figured the second shoot would be a lot easier since I already had done it once. But it turns out the second one was far more challenging. Mainly because now I had the first one to compare it to. While it is not my intention to make all of the images look identical I did want them to feel close. Getting the dress to look similar was the biggest challenge because this dress is a hack, it really is just fabric cleverly draped and pinned together in the back so there was no way we got it to fall the same way. Then I also used a different umbrella with my lighting setup. Last time I used a gold umbrella to reflect the light. I decided to use a silver one this time around because I wanted the skin color to be a bit more cool. This of course changed the whole color tones of the photo. Oh and my fancy lens broke that very morning (do to my clumsiness) and so I had to shoot this with a different lens which also didn't help. Anyway, it's different, nevertheless Jane looks great.

Model: Jane
Hair & Make Up: Alexandra
Wardrobe: Nane


Heather said...

great image, the expression on her face makes you ponder on what she is thinking about. I love the pale skinn look you achieved as well. :O)

Tony said...

Bravo!!! Jane looks so much like madame X in this picture... you really did a marvelous job of capturing it.. and Jane you really have such depth as a model.

Louie Monkey-Pest said...

Keep us posted. We at headquarters need to know what you are up to.

Virginia said...

Hello Mrs,Sargeant :)
Beautiful piece!! is like the original painting!!!