Monday, October 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I got to spend a few days at home on our alp. Every time I go home I forget just how amazing it is. I usually visit in August because it gets cold in October...... and cold it was. I decided to hike up to the Sandhubel Mountain. The Sandhubel is about 2800m above sea level, it's quite a hike, takes about 4 hours one way. I used to run around in that area when I was a kid. For some stupid reason I opted for bringing all my camera equipment. I definitely had too much crap with me, my shoulders were killing me as I was climbing up.

You can usually count on crossing paths with a fair amount of animals. Groundhogs, mountain goats and capricorn are generally in that area. This time, I'm guessing because it was late in the season, I saw nothing. I hiked all day and didn't see any animals (besides some birds) and as usual no people at all. It's pretty amazing to just spend an entire day outdoors in this scenery all by yourself. Kind of feels like being on another planet. I love the isolation.

The problem with photographing these kind of places is that you often simply don't get a true sense of the scale nor how steep some of the places are (unless you have a foreground object to reference). But I like how textural and almost abstract these landscapes can become.

The house on the lower left used to be a diary farm.

The white and red paint on the rock is what tells you that you're still heading in the right direction. Sometimes the markers are spaced pretty far apart which I would think could be confusing to hikers.

Since I dragged my damn tripod all the way up I figured I may as well use it for at least one shot. Me.

The colors are so odd........ the purple in the back and the green rocks but this is the way it looks. Sigh.....wish I was there right now.


Dave Levingston said...

That looks like a wonderful place. The sort of place I love to go to. And, of course, you know what sort of foreground element I'd be wanting to add to those scenes. ;-)

pointpusher said...

Nice shots D!

jane jane said...

Beautiful shots!! I want to go here.

Virginia said...

Beautiful shot Diana I hope your enjoyed!!!