Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting ready for Ms. Lizette

Alex applying Lizette's make up.

I had my doubts when Lizette and I first put together the fabric choices for this shoot. The patterns and color choices were quite out there, at least for my taste. I usually don't set anything up before the day of the shoot but felt it necessary for this one. Once we hung up the backdrop and nailed down the floor fabric, my doubts disappeared quickly.

This shoot was a true team effort. Lizette approached me a while back to see if I was interested in doing a "pin up" inspired shoot. I first wasn't totally sure because bright colors/crazy patterns and generally flatter lighting is not really my thing. But it's good to challenge yourself to do different things and we ended up making this a trade. Lizette is a very talented illustrator (she's a concept artist at Blue Sky Studios) so I told her I'll do a shoot for her if she in return would make me an original piece of art work. Over the next months we were in constant contact talking about things that might work and finding props and fabrics (Ebay was a big contributor)... Lizette really did pretty much all of the prep work on this shoot. She found some awesome stuff (like the record player, phone, table......).

Alex working on fake tattoos.

If you know Lizette in person, you know that she is not like the bad ass rockabilly chick in the image which made the shoot so much more amusing to me. For one she doesn't have any tattoos and she usually does not wear much make up. I can't describe the amount of make up that was applied for this shoot, it must have been a nightmare washing it off. It was great working with someone like her who is willing to come out of her shell a bit. Alex as always did an awesome job with hair and make up.


Tony said...

I loved reading the blog of the shoot. Its great to see how it all came together! Keep bringing it!

Virginia said...

Eva is call me please keep updating!Q!Beautifully!!!!