Thursday, February 5, 2009

Italian "MAG" article

Italians like me! I got a short article and 6 page spread in the Italian art and music magazine "MAG (azine)". They contacted me back in January, the issue just came out. It's always interesting to me to see which images magazines choose to print. Big thank you to the models !(credits below images)

Model: The amazing Alena (check out her sculptures!)

Model: Self Portrait, Ella

Model: Theda, Cassandra


Dave Levingston said...

What a great magazine spread! It really shows your great work so very well. And it is so well deserved. Congratulations!

Dan a.k.a. Shimmy said...

Holy shit! You're famous! Congrats! You're so awesome!

Lauren Eldekvist said...

I came across your blog by some link from a link from a link or something but I must say I am very glad I did! I love your work! All of it in fact! The few landscapes I came across browsing your older entries are stunning :)

jane jane said...

Well deserved!!! Congratulations!!! Yay Diana!!!