Tuesday, October 20, 2009

... and back to sculpting for a bit.

A new photo shoot is in the works but I'm also back to sculpting once a week again so here's my update.

Uhm yeah, this is still the same sculpture I started in 2007. If you've been following my blog you'll have seen this project slowly progress. I've never worked on anything as long as I have on this. I just get too busy with other stuff. The upside is every time I do go back to working on this it's amazing how I look at it differently. I've also learned a ton about how to manipulate and change things that I thought were quite permanent. I've baked this sculpture multiple times at different stages only to then take half of it off again. Although dremeling off baked clay is a pain. Last time I posted her she had thick Farrah Fawcett hair. I didn't liked the hair, it was just too much, it took over the whole shape. So I thinned it way out. I decided to change the whole hairdo. I parted the hair more over to one side in order to add a hair clip later. This meant that I had to shave and cut of pounds and pounds of clay. I also am going to change how the hair drapes over her shoulder. Alena pointed out that her left ear was far too large and high up. Funny, I never noticed it before but definitely agreed with her that it was weird. I had to cut off the ear and re-sculpted it a tad lower and smaller. Next I'm going to go in and add in clay and re-sculpt the hair shapes.

Big thank you to the amazing Alena who as taught me everything I know about sculpting (and thanks for all the pictures she's been taking of the progress).

Older posts:

Second post
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01.08 - Old crazy hair

08.09 - Baked hair. Starting to cut and reshape hair.

Spray painted surface and dremeling hair to thin it out.

A) "Before ear" with drawn in corrections. B) After dremeling off ear and basic reshaping.

10.09 - Further cut off hair and recreated mesh to make the hair flow better.

New mesh.


pointpusher said...

Go! Go! Go!!!

Tony said...

Wow! The hair looks so much better... its great to see you do some sculpting again! Its really coming out nicely

Alena said...

You're such a hard worker Diana. It's one of the many reasons I love working with you! You show so much interest and passion for your work.

This is gonna be an amazing sculpt D! You are so talented! :)