Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Postcard Art Benefit

4"x6" birch wood postcards
Medium: colored pencil, micron pens and glossy varnish.

Here are my two pieces for the Brownstones to Red Dirt Art Benefit, the deadline is tomorrow. I'm not happy with the scan, they just don't look quite right, and they don't show off the gloss varnish. I tried scanning them a few times but couldn't get them much better. As mentioned all the postcards will be for sale on Ebay on March 6rd. All the money from the benefit will go to the orphans in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I'm actually very excited about the auction and am hoping to get my hands on some of the original art works. I've got my eye on Jeremy Geddes, Olivier Tossan and Dermont Powers pieces........... so stay away from those :)!


pointpusher said...

Oof, the intricacy of those borders along! Beautiful pieces, and you MUST have the patience of a saint.

Alena said...

So beautiful Diana! You're always at the top of your game! :)

Scott said...

ha ha ha! all mine now...youre never getting it back!!! bwah ha ha ha ha!!!