Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A bit late....

My next digital shoot is scheduled for January 23rd with ADYA (slime girl). She's coming in from Kansas that week. Super excited! I haven't seen her since that last shoot which was in 2008. I hope she is as awesome as I remember her being :) As always, I'm so not prepared and nervous that I can't get my shit together by then.

I actually had time to shoot some film AND develop it over the holidays! I was so happy. It's been close to a year since I last spent time in a dark room and I almost forgot how much I love it! Developing film is so much fun and so satisfying. One of my new years resolutions is to shoot and develop more film. I want to get better at it. I also feel like shooting film really helps me shoot my digital work with more care and more efficiently. Anyway, here are a few shots from my TLR. There's a few more on my philm phoblography site.

My two nephews

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