Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well it's been a while. I was kind of burnt out after my last show. It was a lot of work putting everything together. While I'm eternally grateful for every opportunity I get to display my work, it sometimes kind of takes the fun out of things. It took me a while to want to take pictures again.

I finally decided to just do a simple shoot and not put too much thought into it. I love theater and I'm crazy about any form of dance. Jane had this cute costume she put together for Halloween that inspired this shoot.

Lighting in progress, not looken so great.

All I wanted was to sort of fake kind of a stage look and make the character feel alone in a vast dark space.

I ran into a bunch of problems which took me far too long to figure out. By the time we started shooting I was pooped. As always, I learned a ton and had a lot of fun.

Lauren hard at work.

I feel very lucky to have friends who are willing to give up entire days to collaborate on my projects. Thank you very much Lauren and Jane!


Dave Levingston said...

Glad you are back and shooting again. I'll be looking forward to seeing the outcome of this shoot.

I know what you mean about sometimes not wanting the makeup/paint to look pretty. When I want that my solution is to do it myself...that guarantees it will be messy looking.

If you ever want some help with that lighting techie stuff feel free to ask. I know how to make that spot effect work a little better if you are interested...

Diana said...

Hi Dave!

True I could have probably done the make up myself on this one but for one it frees up time for me to prepare other stuff and more importantly I love having Lauren around. Besides being very talented she's also fun :)

I might take you up on that techie talk offer.... but don't start geeking out on me, LOL

Thanks for stopping by!


Dave Levingston said...

I don't really speak geek all that well...but I do know how to make lighting gear from stuff in your trash can...

Any time...