Tuesday, June 8, 2010

American Ballet Theater

I took Ella to a kids ballet workshop and performance hosted by the American Ballet Theater at Lincoln Center. It was really awesome. While the workshop was for kids it gave me the chance to walk around backstage in the Metropolitan Opera house. I'd never seen this and it was fascinating walking through the corridors lined with all kinds of props and set pieces. However what I enjoyed most was seeing Ella's reaction to the Metropolitan Opera Stage. I figured from a kids perspective it must seem even more enormous. She was quite taken back and it was such a pleasure to see her reactions to everything. I have to admit she was almost equally impressed by the big fountain in the middle of Lincoln Center as with the ballet :)


Scott said...

curious what ella looks like these days. curious why you never photograph her from the front. curious curious curious.

Alena said...

Yes, you should photograph Ella from the front indeeeed ;) Would be very helpful ;) ;) I love the silhouette of ella, that's my fav. Beautiful work D!!!!

Diana said...

Ha! Alena I know, I know... I'm so bad... but I did just send you the pics so check your e-mail.

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