Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flower power




Flowers?! Has she gone mad? Hey you know, I have other interests too :), I'm loving our yard this year. I don't know why I never did before. Perhaps I just never took the time to look around. I started to and couldn't believe how gorgeous it is. I got so inspired that I decided to start a rose garden. At the moment we planted 8 rose bushes. 4 are climbing roses we'll see how that will go (I admit I have a rather bad track record when it comes to plants). Anyway here are a few pics of various things growing in our yard. Since I don't know shit about flowers I couldn't tell you what most of them are. If you happen to know, let me know :) ..... oh and yes a few new portrait shoots are in the works. July will be my month of photography, I have big plans so stay tuned.


Scott said...

Looks like rhodies to me, or maybe their sublime cousin, azaleas. first one looks like a rose.

Diana said...

Scott! What a pleasant surprise to see you here.... oh but don't think you don't still owe me a phone call! ;)