Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ms. Nikki is back

Model: Nikki
Make Up: Tamara

Nikki asked me to do a shoot with her to get some shots of her new tattoos. I was happy to do so since it's been a long time since I last had a chance to shoot Nikki (last time was in 2007). While her new tattoos are certainly interesting I kept wanting to focus on her eyes. As you can see she has amazing eyes. We tried a few things with the tattoos like add some oil to make them more contrasty but then I was getting too much glare from the lights. Adding powder on the other hand tended to wash them out a bit. I decided that I'll have to do another shoot that's not so much about the tattoos to really capture Nikki. Tamara did an awesome job with the make up.

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Alena said...

Wooo! I love them both...the first pic is my fav! Everything turned out, and you're right, her eyes just pop. Both photos captures so much..with the mood, the pose, the lighting, the angle. I love how you discover more when you're doing the shoot, and how it transforms into something a bit different than imagined. T also did a great job with the make-up, Well done ladies!