Monday, January 24, 2011

Adya Queen Of Orange - Preview

The awesome Ms. Lauren doing her thing and looking cute.

Ms. Adya suffering for my art not to mention she had to go home with all the make up on cause there's no shower.

The only space heater working, which simply was not enough in that big cold space.

The two words that would describe this shoot best would be orange and cold. I've found that on eveyshoot I either forget soemthing or something small (or big) goes wrong. This time I forgot my cell phone (which is important because you can't get into the building without contact with someone in the building) and the power went out. The cell phone wasn't a big deal but the power outage was. In a way I am lucky because I work mainly with flash lighting so those are battery run and don't need power but it was getting DAMN COLD. There is no heat in the studio so usually I use space heaters. Wasn't too big a deal for me since I could just layer on clothing but the poor model who was scarcely clad,.... not so great. Right before we started shooting one of the outlets got power back so I was able to run one heater right behind her. This helped a bit but the poor girl was still cold and if you look closely you can see she has goosebumps in pretty much all the shots. But Adya is a true sport and never complained even with the obvious discomfort. I haven't seen Adya since 2008 so it was fun catching up and working with her again. Lauren and I had a blast. She's awesome and always gets my directions and nails my visions. Love working with her. I did the hair myself this time which was interesting not that it was fancy. Oh and I hacked together the dress which was a lot of fun!

The shoot was fairly simple, it was all about color, I just wanted to play with the orange palette which was fun. No fancy set. I'm going to try to stick to a colored series this time. Each shoot a different fruit and color. Haven't decided on the next shoot yet. What was different this time is that I worked with colored gels and did some quick experiments with Vaseline on the lens in a few shots. Learned a lot, the next shoot will be better.


jane jane said...

I am really excited to see these shots!!!

Tony said...

Mmmmmmmmm! Vitamin C!