Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adya Queen Of Orange

Model: Adya
Make Up Artist: Lauren Weber

For some reason the image color is not right on the internet. It looks to desaturated and the orange isn't quite right. I tried fixing it but it still doesn't look right. I don't get why on the internet the colors and values tend to change so much. To see the correct color and values you'll just have to come to my show in August :)

As mentioned this shoot was mainly about playing with the color orange. I'm looking to do a series of colors inspired by fruit. I love color and always like playing with it in different ways. Since this was more of a classic portrait, no elaborate set, I decided to go with a round frame. I think once I have a whole series going the round frames will look nice next to each other. I also liked how the round shape broke up the linear composition of the image. Simple and elegant is what I like. As always I learned a lot on this shoot, it was the first time I played with colored gels. The next shoot will be a lot easier. I did the hair and hacked together the dress, not perfect but I was happy with the outcome. I might still post one of the images where I played around with Vaseline.


Tony said...

Wow! Very cool! awesome Di!

Alena said...

LOVE IT!! I can't wait for your show, it's gonna rock! I don't know what your talking about, the colors are beautiful! I'll still get a close up look at it in your show though ;)

Diana said...

Thanks guys!

Alena I have you to thank for going with the round framing! As you can see I ended up liking it better then the oval! You're a genius.

jane jane said...

I love this - your photographs always surpass my expectations.

./aditi said...

Super gorgeous color - can't wait to see the series. :)